1 dead, 2 wounded in gun attack on city government official

A city government official here and his driver were wounded while his bodyguard was killed in an ambush near the city hall on Wednesday noon.

Witnesses said four gunmen on board two motorcycles targeted the vehicle of Edu Reyes, which had just left the city government building.

Reyes, the secretary of the city council, was wounded in the attack. His driver was also wounded while his bodyguard identified only as “Badong” was killed.

Manolito Madula, a security guard, said the attack happened at 11:55 a.m. near a welcome arch just about 100 meters to the city hall. He said Reyes’ vehicle, a black Land Cruiser, was headed toward the Jubilation subdivision where the official lives.

After the initial volley of gunfire, Reyes’ vehicle rammed the subdivision’s concrete fence.

“One of the gunmen carrying a long firearm alighted (from) his motorcycle and fired several more times before escaping,” Madula said.

He said one of the gunmen was wearing a white jacket and a cap.

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