Father and 7 year old daughter brutally killed at home

Ruby Gamos, 34, and daughter Shaniah Nicole, 7, were found dead inside their house. Gamos died from a blow to the head, while the 7 year old girl was choked to death while she being raped by the intruders. Intruders entered into Gamos house through the backdoor.

The sister in law noticed the backdoor was open, and alerted the security. When she entered the house accompanied by a subdivision guard she found the father and daughter dead.

She said it would be hard for the suspect to open the back door unnoticed since the victims’ townhouse was joined to other units in the subdivision.

She also noted that the house of the victims was near the guardhouse and security was strict when it comes to visitors.

There was no record in the guard’s logbook of any visitors of the Gamos household. Police is now investigating the closest neighbours frequent visitors, and the possibility that the subdivision guards are involved in this atrocity.

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