5 New Executive Protection Specialists Joining Brokk Protection

In early June 2017, Brokk Protective and Detective Agency Inc. started the grueling process of recruitment, with the goal to find the finest protection agents Philippines could produce.

Over 100 applicants submitted their application, most of them where dismissed during the initial stage of the selection process out of various reasons.

When the initial selection and screening was completed, only 14 prospects had the potential to meet our highly set requirements. When the screening of these prospects was completed, selection tests where done, and the intense training conducted under instructors from ISA Academy in Europe was finished, only 5 out the initial 100+ applicants stood tall above the rest.

Brokk Protection invested over P180.000 PHP into each individual graduate, in competence enhancement measures, firearms safety and tactical firearms training, operations planning, threat assessment and mitigation and other practical operations related skills, provided by instructors from ISA Academy in Europe and US.

We welcome these highly experienced and capable Executive Protection Specialists to Brokk Protection.

“So it’s been, and shall be weighted; Though many are born… few are made.”

Official representative of International Security Agency in the Philippines

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