Possible suicide bomb threat Metro Manila and Davao City

Recently, a chain message went around networks claiming that four (4) muslim women were sent by ASG leader Isnilon Hapilon to conduct bombing attacks against certain soft targets in Metro Manila and Davao City such as malls, hotels and transport hubs.

  • The message has also threatened the lives of PNP Director General Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa and President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte.
  • Many security analysts have downplayed the report and believed that this is mere propaganda to shift the public’s attention from the current issues of intensified anti-drug campaigns.
  • Said threat report was circulated right after ten (10) individuals, including two (2) women were apprehended in Brgy. Nanagun, Lumbayanague, Lanao del Sur. Authorities have identified most individuals as alleged local terrorists and kins to the Maute brothers.
  • Authorities managed to confiscate two (2) hand grenades, two (2) Caliber .45 pistols, one (1) 81 mm mortar ammunition as an IED component, several IED components, electronic gadgets (as trigerring devices), two (2) pipe bombs and propaganda materials.
  • Nonetheless, the group is believed to be intending to target key cities in Mindanao but not Metro Manila.
  • Also last July 29, an abandon vehicle was intercepted by local authorities in Brgy. Lilod, Marawi City, Lanao del Sur. Said vehcile contain IED components and believed to be linked with the Maute brother group.
  • Local intelligence network in Metro Manila have also confirmed that there were no entry of four (4) muslim women, who are in anyway associated with the ASG
  • Instead, it has monitored the entry of a former MILF rogue combatant in Metro Manila before election day, which was followed by three (3) ASG members last July. The mission was not determined. However, it is believed that the group may be conducting training and reconnaissance among some of their networks in Manila.
  • While some security analysts have advised to observe necessary precautions particularly among certain red flag dates such as this upcoming August 29 or the National Heroes Day. Such advisory was in reference to red flag attacks such as the December 30 – Rizal Day bombings (2000) and February 14 – Valentines bombings (2005) in Metro Manila.
  • Despite authorities have denied the authenticity of the recent threat report, it is still advise to observe precaution when going and staying in public places.
  • If possible, avoid paying unnecessary visits to commercial malls and complexes.
  • Be cautious against suspicious individuals and belongings. Never attend to them. Immediately call authorities in a calmly manner to avoid unnecessary panic which may possibly make the situation worse.
  • Study your usual routes. Identify possible safe havens, response units and response units such as police, security guard posts etc.

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