Security Awareness in Metro Manila during Christmas Holidays


  1. Personal Security
  • As much as possible, avoid Metro Manila’s shopping districts like Baclaran, Quiapo and Divisoria for these areas are considered red flag as such areas attract both shoppers and crime perpetrators especially now that the holiday season is near.
  • If its unavoidable, it is recommended for partners to do their Christmas shopping around 10 in the morning, where the crowd is observed to be relatively minimal.
  • It is also advised to observe suspicious acts of people in your surrounding and report any suspicious acts to the authority to prevent possible crimes to happen.
  • Secure belongings especially when inside a crowded area such as terminals and shopping districts as possible attacks of crime perpetrators are anticipated.
  • It is also advise to identify all possible fire exits and emergency responders in case of an emergency when inside an establishment.
  • Develop security awareness by being updated with current events, and possibly with the latest modus operandi in Metro Manila so as not to fall victims of criminals in the region.
  • Avoid dealing with personalities without unchecked credentials to avoid being victims of modus operandi of the criminals.
  1. Business Protection
  • It is recommended to remind all executives and staffs regarding the subject matter.
  • It will also be beneficial for the organization or company to reiterate emergency plans, procedures and even directories to all of its members.
  • Provide other possible security best practices particularly when it comes to commercial establishments, residential protection when leaving for holiday vacation and in case of any emergency response.
  • Ensure that all members of the organization know the emergency hotlines and protocols by providing a handy reference for emergency hotlines in Metro Manila.
  • Conduct briefings and disseminate regular memos regarding developing security concerns among employees with emphasis on how to avoid being victimized by criminal elements.

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