Two Korean nationals robbed by taxi driver and accomplice

Two Korean nationals, identified as Jong Ho Lee, 42, and Chon Man Park, 38, both currently billeted at the Bayview Park Hotel in Ermita, Manila. lost a huge amount of money, jewelry and gadgets after being held up by a taxi driver and his accomplice while they were cruising in Malate, Manila the other night.

The two said that the holdup incident occurred at around 10 p.m. when they rode a cab and asked that they be taken to Pasay City. The driver, they said, brought the cab to a narrow street and stopped. Moments later, a man approached the cab, opened its rear door and then held up the victims while pointing a knife at them. The victims said they were not able to do anything as their bags and personal items were forcibly taken from them. The two got out and as fast as they could, ran away from the cab whose plate number they failed to get.

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