Hire personal bodyguard Manila, PhilippinesChoosing a professional protection service, might be one of the most critical decisions you will ever make.

Brokk Protection was initially structured as an executive protection agency in the Philippines in 2015. The rights to the name and trademark was subsequently acquired by PPI in 2019. RTC is a US based company with offices in Miami, FL. and Richmond VA. PPI provides tactical support services to business travelers worldwide.

Brokk Protection selects as staff only the highest quality protection personnel with unparalleled expertise in their respective fields. With our operatives on the job, you are assured of complete discretion in your business and personal affairs, and conservation of resources. These qualities, along with our commitment to the highest ongoing international training standards, make us one of the most competitive agencies in the industry.

The core focus of our commitment is to use our extensive experience in counter terrorism, as well as in public and private security to dynamically structure applications to meet the needs of our clients, creating distinctive, clear, realistic and dynamic solutions.

Our Awards

ISA Better Work Place Award
Best Customer Service Award
Consumer Choice Award